These Rules and Regulations apply to a certain Monthly Rental Agreement by and between Owner and Tenant.  The Rules and Regulations of the Facility have been provided to the Tenant and are incorporated herein by reference.  Owner may change the Rules and Regulations at Owner’s sole discretion and posting the changes at the entrance of the Facility.  Tenant’s payment of monthly Rent for the next following period constitutes acceptance of these changes.


(1)       Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The office is closed on Sunday and all major holidays.

(2)        To enter and exit the Facility, you must enter your access code as follows:  Code, followed by *, and the gate will open several seconds later.

(3)        Gate hours are 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. seven days a week. After gate hours, the exit gate will not open. Please leave the Facility before gate hours end. 24-hour gate access is available with the written permission of Owner in the form of a 24-Hour Gate Access Addendum.

(4)        One vehicle may enter the gate at a time, tailgating another vehicle may result in damage to your vehicle or injury to yourself as well as to the gate and the gate system.

(5)        15 m.p.h. speed limit at the Facility.

(6)        No alteration of the Unit or any other property owned by Owner is permitted without prior written consent of Owner.  This includes not affixing or attaching anything to the Premises.  No signs may be displayed.

(7)        No work may be performed on any motor vehicle on Owner’s property including no changing of oil, antifreeze or other fluids of such vehicles.

(8)        When loading or unloading Tenant’s Personal Property, Tenant shall park parallel to the building to allow traffic to flow through the aisle way.  There is no backing the vehicle straight or on an angle toward the door of the Unit.

(9)        Use of electricity at the Facility is reserved exclusively to Owner. Do not use the hallway electrical outlets for your Unit needs.

(10)      No smoking at any time in the Unit or at the facility.

(11)      No semi-trucks on the Facility without the written permission of Owner in the form of a Semi-Truck Addendum.

(12)      No littering, drinking of alcoholic beverages, or loitering is permitted at the Facility.

(13)      For the safety of all, no play or horseplay is permitted at the Facility.

(14)      No animals, except for service and companion animals, are permitted on the Facility.